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July is National Ice Cream Month

Ice Cream Social

National Ice Cream Month is celebrated each year in July.

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July, in the United States.

It was signed into public law by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1984 with Presidential Proclamation 5219.

Cool Ice Cream Facts:

- It takes 50 licks to finish a single scoop ice cream cone.

- Between 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for scooping.

- Vanilla is the #1 flavor in the United States.

- 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezers.

- 48= average number of ice cream pints Americans eat every year.

- California is the #1 producer of ice cream in America.

- It takes 3 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream.

- A cow makes up to 2 gallons of milk/day. That’s 730 gallons each year.

- 9% of all milk produced in the U.S. is used to make ice cream.

- Ice cream is the #1 best-selling treat in America. Cookies come in 2nd.

- 1 of the major ingredients in ice cream is air. Otherwise it would be rock hard.

- The scientific name for “Brain Freeze” is “Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”.

- Mashed potatoes are used for advertising photo shoots of ice cream because they don’t melt.

- “Strange but True” flavors for ice cream: Pickle, Bacon, Salmon, Okra, Ketchup, Seaweed, Curry

Enjoy a scoop, cup, dish or shake today!


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