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2023 Frozen Dessert Pricing Factors

Citing inflation, supply chain issues, the higher costs of ingredients, transportation logjams and rising energy costs, labor shortages and higher wages, many food manufacturers continue to announce price increases for 2023.

I. Rice & Company, specializing in bakery fillings & flavors, ice cream toppings, flavors, & ingredients, syrups, & beverage concentrates, has shared this clear and concise article outlining the challenges to their 2023 pricing structure.


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According to RSM- US 12/16/2022:

"In the coming months, food and beverage businesses will face headwinds from consumers uncertain about lingering inflation, geopolitical issues and a looming recession. These challenges are in stark contrast to the pantry-loading days of the pandemic and come only shortly after these businesses were finally able to pass surging costs for ingredients, logistics and labor to the end consumer."

"Premium food and beverage brands continue to outperform conventional brands in growth despite the overall pullback in spending, indicating the stickiness of some pandemic behaviors has overcome the impact of inflation."

How does this effect YOUR business?

Understanding the market can help you prepare your business strategies for the upcoming frozen dessert season: menu offerings, pricing, staffing levels & wages, advertising, market segmentation, building & equipment maintenance and upgrades & more.

What does this tell you about positioning YOUR products in the marketplace?

1- Revenue - Expenses = Profit

What percent of inflationary costs can you absorb before you need to pass the costs onto your customers? Every business owner understands that Fixed costs such as insurance, rent, utilities, payroll, basic stock... will always need to be calculated into their pricing structure.

2- The three leading areas of growth to maximize the 2023 season are:

Impulse Ice Cream

Take-Home Ice Cream

Artisanal Ice Cream

Capitalize on ALL three areas!

3- Differentiation from competition through advertising.

EVERYONE'S costs will be rising. Ensure the quality of your final product justifies your higher pricing structure. TELL your prospective customers about your Impulse/ Take-Home/ Artisanal offerings by ADVERTISING.


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