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Cigar Flavor Regulations in Philadelphia, PA

* ITG Brands, the third-largest tobacco company in the U.S., recently partnered with the Cigar Association of America (CAA) to file a legal challenge to the city of Philadelphia’s recently enacted flavored cigar ban. This was passed by the city in December 2019, but was stayed by the court on July 24, 2020. ITG Brands is pleased to report that the court issued an order on November 13, granting CAA’s requested Preliminary Injunction, effectively enjoining enforcement of the city of Philadelphia proposed ban.

Therefore, flavored cigars will continue to be legally sold in the Philadelphia market for the foreseeable future. According to the November 13, 2020 ruling, “the balance of the equities and the public interest both weigh in favor of an Injunction” against the city of Philadelphia, enjoining it from enforcing the flavor ban. The Preliminary Injunction remains in effect until further order of the court. ITG Brands believes the court will ultimately agree that the proposed ordinance is unlawful and order it stricken.

Flavored cigar products may continue to be ordered, and Gil's Wholesale Distributors will do its best to fulfill orders as manufacturers continue to manage through the issues caused by Covid-19.

If you have any questions,

please contact the office at 610-237-6500.

* ITG Brands offers a broad portfolio of some of the most well-known cigarette, cigar and e-vapor brands, such as Winston, Kool, Salem, Maverick and USA Gold cigarettes; Dutch Masters, Backwoods and Phillies cigars.


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