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Stop the Nationwide Ban on Flavored Cigars & Menthol Cigarettes

Youth use of cigarettes and cigars (including menthol and flavored) is low and continues to decline. The FDA has not met the legal standard for establishing a product standard nor has it fully defined ‘characterizing flavor.” Existing science does not support a ban on menthol in cigarettes nor a ban on characterizing cigar flavors. Criminalizing menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars will lead to serious unintended consequences. A better approach is to establish a marketplace of FDA authorized non-combustible alternatives.

With that being said, stopping this ban will depend on YOUR VOICE advocating for YOUR STORE. It's YOUR business at risk. ACT NOW and share this information with other parties who will be negatively affected by this ban. Businesses are already struggling.

Below are the two links to the Federal Registries for the Cigars and Cigarettes and step by step instructions for how YOU can make YOUR voice heard NOW!


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