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Ice Cream Trade Show

Sunday, March 15

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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10 Things You Should NEVER DO as a Cigar Smoker...

Italian Tartufo

Make 9 Italian Desserts Using 1 Product...

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 For Gil's  Ice Cream, Gelato & Italian Ice Supplies, Click the link below:


Gil's Trucks, UPS, FEDEX, Common Carrier

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Wholesale Cigars and Tobacco, Ice Cream & Gelato Products,

Italian Ice Supplies, Popcorn & Candy.

Gil's Wholesale Distributors offers an exceptional variety

of premium and domestic cigars and accessories, tobacco, cigarettes, and tobacco related products to convenience stores, cigar afficianados, private clubs, cigar and smoke shops, and redistributors.

Gil's Wholesale supplies everything you need for your ice cream, gelato and frozen dessert business including Italian ice flavors, ice cream and gelato mix and bases, syrups, concentrated flavors, slush & snow cone bases and syrups, ice cream cones, waffle bowls, sugar, candy, fruit and crushed toppings, sprinkles, nuts and cherries. We stock serving, manufacturing, and packaging paper and plastic products for one stop shopping.

Plan for your next event or fundraiser with concession supplies for popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. Candy, snacks and bottled water are also available from a wide range of manufacturers. 

Over 40 years of outstanding service & product expertise.

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For Ice Cream, Gelato & Italian Ice Supplies go to:
Gil's Ice Cream Supplies
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* Tobacco products are marketed only to adults age 21 & over.  

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