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About Gil's Wholesale Distributors - Tobacco, Cigars and Ice Cream 

Gil's Wholesale specializes in Convenience store products.

We carry a wide selection of Cigars, Tobacco and tobacco related products. We cater to the needs of our Ice Cream, gelato, and Italian Ice customers providing everything they need to run a successful frozen dessert business.  As a "One Stop Shop" we also supply cups, straws, spoons & all of the paper products needed for a business or fundraising event. Shop our extensive variety of popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy concession, convenience store products, candy & snacks, and Deli supplies. 

We take pride in our fast delivery service, customer-friendly showroom, and a long history of providing outstanding customer service and product expertise.​

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For Ice Cream, Gelato, Italian Ice and Frozen Dessert supplies go to 
Gil's Ice Cream Supplies using the link below:
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