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Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Smoke Shop products, Ice Cream & Gelato Supplies, Italian Ice Products, Snow Cone Supplies, Convenience Store Products, Candy, Snacks, Paper Products, Concession Supplies and Equipment, Automotive Supplies.


Over 40 years of experience supplying businesses & organizations with the products they need everyday.

Your "One Stop Shop" for over 8,000 items. 

Ice Cream & Italian Ice Products, Gelato Supplies, Cigars & Tobacco, Candy & Convenience store items.

Ice Cream/ Gelato/ Italian Ice/
Snow Cone/ Slush

I. Rice Italian Ice Bases               Cones of all kinds

Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix       Sugar

I. Rice Concentrated Flavors        Candy Toppings

Master Martini Gelato Supplies     Fruit Toppings       Crushed Toppings                         Mix-Ins/ Stir-Ins    

Fudge, Caramel & Syrups             Variegates

Slush/Snow Cone/Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrups

Exclusive Gourmet Olde City TM Italian Ice Bases

Hot Product

FruttUP! Sorbelato Powdered Base

Vegan  Fat free

Gluten free  Dairy free

Exclusively at Gil's Wholesale

Check out

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Base

Cotton Candy Topping & Variegate

Powdered Gelato Bases by Master Martini

Moo Cow Cups

Color Changing Spoons & Straws



Gil's Wholesale is one of the largest Distributors in PA for Ice Cream supplies, Italian Ice flavors, Gelato Mix & ingredients. We have everything you need to produce, open & operate a successful frozen dessert business.

We deliver and ship anywhere in the United States & abroad via trucks, UPS, FEDEX, & common carrier.

Check out our exclusive gourmet Olde City Flavors & Toppings TM  Italian Ice Bases. Set yourself apart from the competition! 

 "Candy Fish", Blue Hawaii, MochaChino, Olde Fashioned Orange Cream, & more.

Italian Ice Flavors, Ice Cream and Gelato Mix, Bases and Syrups, Concentrated Flavors, Slush/Snow Cone, Hawaiian Shaved-Ice Syrups, cones, Sugar, Candy Toppings, Fruit and Crushed Toppings, and Sprinkles.  

We also offer a full range of cups, bowls, lids, napkins, straws and utensils to facilitate your ordering.


Cups, Containers & Lids

Deli & Wax Papers

Take-Out Trays & Carriers

Paper & Plastic Bags

Napkins, Towels & Tissue

Janitorial Supplies & Sanitizers

Food handling gloves...and more...

Paper Products/ Janitorial Supplies/
Restaurant Supplies

One-Stop Shopping for all of your Deli, Convenience Store, Restaurant, Small Business, Special Event, and Ice Cream Shop needs.

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA, carries Restaurant Supplies such as bulk ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish & hot peppers. We provide Paper Products such as cups, containers, napkins, wraps, tissue and bags your business uses everyday from DART, SOLO, ROPAC and other manufacturers. Ask about our janitorial supplies and sanitizers for your food processing equipment.


Cigarettes -
Wholesale to PA. Cigarette Licensees Only

All Major Brands and Generics

MSA Reporting Compliant for all Buy-Down Programs & Promotional Shipments

Gil's Wholesale, PA, is a Direct Buying Distributor supplying Pennsylvania Cigarette Licensees Only. 

We supply Convenience stores, retailers, smoke shops, and other wholesalers with tobacco & tobacco related items.

Cash & Carry, Pick-up and Delivery services available.



Dutch Master               Middleton Black & Mild

Backwoods                  Hava Tampa

Phillies                         Garcia Vega

Game                          Jackpot

White Owl                    Drew Estate... & More...

Swisher                        PA Wholesale Cigars

Domestic Cigars

Gil's Wholesale, PA, is a Direct Buying Distributor for all the major cigar manufacturers.

We supply Convenience stores, retailers, smoke shops and other wholesalers, cigars and related items such as humidors and accessories.

Cash & Carry, Pick-up, and Delivery services available.

Sales and Promotions on a wide variety of cigars are constantly changing. Subscribe to our mailing list for the hottest items.

Contact us for the latest pricing.

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA offers a huge variety of Domestic Cigars including Dutch Master, Black & Mild, Hava Tampa, Phillies, Garcia Vega & Swisher Cigars. 


Premium Cigars

Romeo y Julieta             Macanudo

H. Upmann                     Cohibo

Montecristo                    Casa de Garcia

Don Diego                      Punch

Teamo                            Omar Ortiz

Brickhouse                     ...and more...

Arturo Fuente                  PA Wholesale Cigars 

Contact Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA, for excellent service and an outstanding selection of high-quality, ever-expanding lines of Premium Cigars, Gift Sets, Humidors and Accessories. 

As a Direct Account, we are one of the largest Distributors of Premium cigars in the marketplace and have unrivaled product expertise

with over 40 years of experience in cigar and tobacco industry wholesale distribution. 


Gil's Wholesale customers are Cigar Afficianados, Beer Outlets, Country Clubs, Private Clubs, Smoke Shops, Cigar Retailers and Distributors.  

Contact us for the latest in the Premium Cigar market.  

Tobacco &
Tobacco Related Items

RYO Cigarette Tobacco         Moist Snuff

Pipe Tobacco                         SNUS

Bulk Tobacco                         Roll-Your-Own      

Cigarette Papers                    Dry Snuff

Cigarette Tubes                      RYO Cigar Leaves

Rolling Machines                    Chewing Tobacco

Lighters & Matches                 Vape

Gil's Wholesale, PA, is a Direct Buying Distributor for all of the the major tobacco manufacturers.

We supply Convenience stores, retailers, smoke shops, and other wholesalers with tobacco & tobacco related items.

Cash & Carry, Pick-up, and Delivery services available.

Sales and Promotions are constantly changing.  Contact us for the latest pricing.

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA, supplies Tobacco & Tobacco related products such as TOP, JOB & EZ Wider RYO Cigarette Papers, tobacco, rolling machines and accessories, Moist Snuff, Dry Snuff, Pipe Tobacco, matches, lighters, and RYO Cigar Leaves to Smoke Shops, retailers and distributors.

Concession Supplies & Equipment

Popcorn Kernals

Popcorn Seasoning & Oils

Popcorn Cups, Boxes & Bags

Floss Sugar

Cotton Candy Bags & Cones

Snow Cone Syrups & Supplies

Caramel & Candy Apple Supplies

Our primary customers are Stadiums, Arenas, Theatres, Carnivals, Concessionaires, Schools and Fundraising events.

We offer a wide variety of  Popcorn kernels, oil and seasoning, Snow Cone syrup and Cotton Candy Floss Sugar flavors,dispensers, cups, bags and paper cones.

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA, is an authorized Gold Medal Products Equipment Distributor.

We feature Popcorn carts, Sno-cone machines, Cotton-candy machines and all of the supplies needed for these concession areas.

Candy, Gum, Mints, Snacks & Bottled Water

Concession                   Hershey

King Size                      M&M / Mars

Single Serve                  Nestle

Change-Maker              Just Born

Bulk                               Boyer

Snack Products             5-Hour Energy

Bottled Water                 ...and more...

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA, carries a large selection of bottled water, snacks, candy & sundry food stuffs. We supply Convenience stores, Retailers, Schools, Little Leagues, Concessionaires, Stadiums, Arenas, and Theaters.

Boost your school or team fund-raising efforts with the addition of candy, snacks, or bottled water at your next event.



Automotive Supplies

Windshield Washer Solvent                AntiFreeze

Ice & Snow Brushes                            Engine Oil

Jumper Cables                                        Ice Melt

Tire Inflation Foam                               Gas Cans      Leather & Upholstery Care           Air Fresheners

Styrofoam coolers & more...

Gil's Wholesale Distributors has a wide variety of essential automotive supplies at wholesale prices. Stock Up Today.  

Be Prepared for all types of weather and roadside emergencies.

We supply Convenience stores, gas stations & other distributors with an assortment of car care products to keep their customers vehicles running safely and efficiently. 

* Tobacco products are marketed only to adults age 21 & over.  

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