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Gil's Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

Popcorn, Snow Cone, Cotton Candy. Paper Products. Cigars and  Tobacco Products. Ice Cream, Gelato and Italian Ice Supplies. Gil's Wholesale.






Are you open to the public?

Gils' Wholesale Distributors, PA serves the needs of businesses, groups and organizations.



Do you sell ice cream, pre-made Italian Ice & Gelato, and popcorn?

Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA provides frozen dessert manufacturing ingredients and supplies. Everything you need to establish a successful ice cream, Italian Ice, Gelato or Frozen Dessert business including mixes, bases, flavorings, toppings, syrups, sugar, cones, stabilizers & Sanitizers, candy, utensils, cups and containers, paper products, and more.

We also sell Galliker's Dairy Ice Cream Mix for Hand-dipped & Soft Serve manufacturers, and Gelato Mix.   We do not sell pre-made ice cream or pre-packaged frozen Italian Ice.

We handle Concession Supplies such as:

      * Popcorn featuring bulk popcorn kernels, oil, bags, boxes...etc. to pop your own popcorn.

      * Cotton Candy Floss Sugar in assorted flavors, cotton candy bags and cones to spin your own.

      * Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Bases, Syrups and Supplies

      * Caramel and Candy Apple Supplies

      * Granita Machines

** Returns for Consumable Products:  We are unable to accept returned consumable products based on product integrity standards. This allows us to ensure the items are good to use, untampered with, and have adequate shelf life.


Do you offer promotions?

Absolutely! Gil's Wholesale Distributors, PA offers promotions too numerous to mention on a wide variety of products such as cigars, tobacco and candy that change all of the time. Join our Subscriber List, or call us about specific items. Check out our Promotional Flyer for a few of our specials.

Do you have online ordering?

No. Gil's Wholesale prefers the personal touch to ensure the accuracy of the order and strive to meet your needs more effectively than computer ordering ever could! 

Do you take credit cards?

No. We are a Wholesale Distributor who works on a small margin and would rather pass the savings onto you instead of to the credit card companies.

Do you deliver?
Yes. We offer fast & friendly delivery by our drivers using our fleet of trucks. Call for our order minimums and delivery areas. Your order can be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day to your area.  
Products can also be shipped through UPS, FEDEX, & Common Carrier. We ship anywhere in the United States & abroad. Freight charges apply.  Call for rates, minimums & exclusions.  Please note: Ice Cream Mixes are refrigerated products. Delivery exclusions apply.

What is Gil's Ice Cream Supplies relationship to Gil's Wholesale Distributors?

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies is the non-tobacco wholesale division of Gil's Wholesale Distributors. 

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies sells ice cream & gelato supplies, Italian ice products, candy, gum, mints, snacks, convenience store items, concession, paper products and janitorial supplies. Expansive product categories are found at:

Cigars, tobacco, and tobacco-related items along with the rest of Gil's Wholesale Distributors products are found at:

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For Ice Cream, Italian Ice & Gelato Products go to:

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies

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