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One stop shopping to simplify your life!

Are you a wholesaler who sells to the retail trade?

Do you operate multiple locations?

Are you an Organization planning a fundraiser or special event?

Need a wide variety of products to operate your business?

Need reliable Delivery, Pick-Up, and Cash & Carry options?

Gil's Wholesale Distributors stocks over 8,000 items & buys from countless manufacturers and diverse sources to provide an extensive array of items...all in one place!

Cigars. Tobacco. Cigarettes. Ice Cream & Gelato Supplies. Italian Ice Products. Convenience Store Items. Popcorn. Candy. Snow Cones. Paper Products. Automotive.

If you don't see what you're looking for...CALL US!

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 Wholesale Cigars, Tobacco & Smoke Shop products. Check out the Gil's Wholesale Promotional Flyer for new products & savings.


Promotional Flyer

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EZ Wider Rolling Papers
Top Cigarette Papers/ Republic
Job 1.5 Cigarette Paper
1.25 Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
Gambler Tube Cut Tobacco
Welsh Farms Liquid Ice Cream Mix
Leiby's ice cream logo
I.Rice & Co.Syrups,Flavors &Toppings
Master Martini Italian gelato logo
Cone Guys Cookie Cones
Gambler Pipe Tobacco
Drum Tobacco- Pouches & Cans
Black & Mild by John Middleton
Al Capone Sweets
Dart Solo container company
OLDE CITY Gourmet Flavors & Bases
Exclusive Olde City Ice Bases
Gil's Wholesale/PDI-Novelty Cone/PA
Car Care Supplies by Gil's

* Tobacco products are marketed only to adults age 21 & over.  

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