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Gil's Wholesale is a full line distributor of Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Gelato and frozen dessert manufacturing supplies and ingredients. One of the largest Distributors in PA, we have everything you need to produce, package, and serve your frozen dessert products, all in one place.

We deliver and ship anywhere in the United States & abroad via trucks, UPS, FEDEX, & common carrier.


With over 40 years of experience, if you can't find what you are looking for in our product guides, give us a call.  We add new items to our product line seasonally.

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VIDEO-  Gelato Recipes using Brunella

As a wholesale distributor, Gil's offers a wide variety of frozen dessert supplies from numerous vendors, including I.Rice & Company.

  Additives & Stabilizers too!

Ice Cream & Gelato Mix               Italian Ice Bases

Concentrated Flavors & Syrups     Fudges & Caramel

Variegates                                  Mix-Ins/ Stir-Ins

Candy & Fruit Toppings               Crushed Toppings

Chocolate & Rainbow Sprinkles     Cones of all kinds

Sugar                                        Whipped Cream

Cherries                                     Nuts                      

Slush Base, Snow Cone Flavors and Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrups

Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix
For Soft Serve and Hard Serve Ice Cream Manufacturers
Experience the delicious taste, texture & consistency of Welsh Farms
vanilla or chocolate Ice Cream Mix.
Keep your customers coming back for more.

Leiby's Ice Cream Mix

For Soft Serve and Hard Serve Ice Cream Manufacturers

"Artisan Crafted Flavor

from the heart of Pennsylvania's dairy lands."

Master Martini Gelato

Are your Soft Serve Machines and Batch Freezers craving a new product?
Ride the wave on a fast growing trend in the frozen dessert market!


Gelato is a frozen dessert that originated in Italy and is known for its intense flavors, artisan presentation and nutritional value. 
Gelato is creamier, smoother, silkier & denser than Ice Cream. 
Lower in Fat & Gluten-Free with Vegan alternatives.
Master Martini’s shelf stable liquid or powdered mix does not require refrigeration.
Check out their wide variety of Cream & Fruit Bases, Cream & Fruit Pastes, Variegates and Toppings.
Limitless flavor profiles from sweet & fruity, savory & satisfying, to rich & decadent.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your business

and differentiate yourself from the competition!


Great for Ice Cream, Italian Ice & Gelato

Clean-label natural and organic-certified flavors, extracts and colors.

Apple Cinnamon       Apricot

Blood Orange            Bourbon Whiskey

Butter Rum               Cantaloupe

Cranberry                  Egg Nog

Ginger Bread            Grapefruit

Irish Cream               Hot Pepper

Pear                           Pumpkin Pie Spice

Exclusive OLDE CITY Flavors & Toppings TM  
Gourmet Italian Ice Bases
Set yourself apart from the competition & provide your customers with high quality unique and popular flavors such as "Candy Fish" and Olde Fashioned Orange Cream ...without the cost of new product development.
Is your Italian Ice breaking down too soon or freezing so hard you can't scoop it?
Ensure consistent scoopability with every batch with our
Exclusive OLDE CITY Smooth & Creamy TM
paper & plastic products

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Gil's Wholesale supplies cups, lids, straws, spoons & paper and plastic products  to sell, package and manufacture your own ice cream, gelato or Italian ice products.

"Tip:  Buy items by the case to save money."

We also carry popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy concession, convenience store items, candy, bottled water, snacks & sanitizing products for your business. 

* Tobacco products are marketed only to adults age 21 & over.  

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