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Gil’s Wholesale delivers around the world. We also offer convenient Pick-Up services for Ice Cream, Italian Ice and Tobacco Products.

Get what you need, when you need it!

Gil's Wholesale Distributors offers you more ways to get the products you need:

Delivery Service, Shipping, Pick-Up, and Cash & Carry.


White Delivery truck.Gil's Wholesale.
Gil's Wholesale Delivers Cigars,Cigarettes & Tobacco/ Ice Cream & Italian Ice Products


Gil's Wholesale Distributors/customer service & product expertise


Gils Wholesale Distributors/PA/Ice Cream manufacturing supplies/cash & carry

Cash & Carry

Fast & friendly delivery by our drivers.

Shipping: U.P.S. , FEDEX, & Common Carrier.

We ship anywhere in the United States & abroad. Call for rates, minimums & exclusions.

Please note: Ice Cream mixes are refrigerated products. Delivery exclusions apply.

Convenient pick-up. 

Free customer parking lot.

Call ahead for quick service.

Stop in our customer -friendly showroom, select what you need,

& get on with your day!

Consulting Service
Consulting 2
Consulting Service for Ice Cream Businesses
Take the guesswork out of starting a new Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Gelato or Frozen Dessert Business.    
Invest NOW with our Consulting Service, to save you and your business thousands LATER!

With over 40 years of experience, Consulting Services with Gil's Wholesale Distributors can advise you in the following key areas: 


 Business Plan


Recipes for Quality Products

Menu Development

Prices and Staffing

Scooping and packaging techniques

Marketing, Branding, Promotions, Sponsorships, Seasonal Management & more!

Contact us today!

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