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10 Things You Should Never Do As a Cigar Smoker

hand-rolled cigars

The title fooled you, didn't it. You were probably expecting rules for cigar smoking as dictated by the "cigar police". Instead, here are a few tips to make the best of your cigar smoking experience.

DON'T do ANY of the following....

1. Cut Off Too Much Cigar. If you cut too far you run the risk of having the wrapper leaf fall right off the binder.

2. Puff Too Often. Over-puffing can lead to overheating, and overheating will lead to bitterness.

3. Light With Dirty Fuel. Use a lighter that runs on butane, which won't affect the taste of your tobacco.

4. Cut Your Cigar In Half To Share. The tobacco in one end of the cigar is different than the tobacco in the other end.

5. Inhale Your Cigar. Don't inhale. Tastebuds are in your tongue, not your lungs.

6. Stub Out Your Cigar. When you're finished with your cigar, simply allow it to go out by itself.

7. Put A Half-smoked Cigar In Your Humidor. This taints the cigars you store inside with a charred, ashy aroma.

8. Use A Cigar Box As A Humidor. Don't think that just because a box of cigars is factory sealed it will keep your cigars fresh.

9. Store Cigars In A Refrigerator. Your refrigerator is a dry environment meant to keep things cool, not humid.

10. Tell Someone How To Smoke Their Cigar. Don't be the cigar police. There are enough rules in life. Let people smoke the way they want to!

Adapted from multiple sites including Cigar Aficionado

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