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Cigars- Fact or Fiction


Q. My cigars are over-humidified. Can the cigars be saved?

A. Add cedar strips to the humidor to help maintain optimum moisture levels. Never leave the lid of the humidor open- this can turn too moist cigars into dried-out ones in a short time. A very large box containing few cigars may absorb too much humidity.

Q. Guillotine cutter or wedge cutter?

A. Wedge cutters create a larger opening to channel the smoke, which is fine for coronas but not for thicker cigars like robustos. Guillotines are preferred. Cigars cut with wedge cutters can accumulate tars that do not build up when using a straight cut. Wedge cutters are imprecise in comparison with straight cutters, and you can damage the cigar.

Q. What is the powdery substance on some of my cigars?

A. If it is whitish in color and can be easily dusted off without leaving residue, you have a "plume", naturally caused by the cigars' sweating off some of their oils. Dust off the cigars prior to smoking. If it is a bluish color and leaves a stain on the wrapper when you dust it off, the cigars have mold. Mold is caused by high temperature and humidity levels & using un-distilled water in your humidifier.

Q. What is the best way for me to age my cigars?

A. Many collectors choose to age their cigars in boxes. Age cigars at a slightly lower temperature and humidity level than normal, and then to move the aged smokes to a desktop humidor when you're ready to begin smoking them.

Q. Should I remove the individual cellophane wrappers & tubes prior to placing the cigars in my humidor?

A. Cellophane & tubes serve several purposes—it makes warning label notification much easier to accomplish, and it prevents damage to the cigars from excessive handling. Once you've bought the cigar and are placing it in your humidor, remove the cellophane/tube since they will prevent humidity from reaching the cigar.

Q. Can I use my Zippo lighter to light a cigar?

A. Use wooden matches, strips of cedar called spills or a lighter that uses butane as its fuel. These will light your cigar without imparting to it the taste or odor of the oil found in lighter fluid.

Q. Should you only smoke a cigar half-way. When is a cigar done?

A. A cigar is done whenever you're no longer enjoying it. But as a general rule, smoke your cigars about half to two-thirds of the way down.


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