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Family owned Cigar businesses are facing extinction.

Hand Rolling Cigars

Facts about the Premium Cigar Industry:

The 200 year old handmade cigar industry is widely composed of small and medium sized businesses, many of them family owned.

The handmade cigar industry supports tens of thousands of American jobs.

The customer base who smokes handmade cigars are Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Senators, Politicians, Military members, Judges, Actors, …and adults from every other walk of life.

According to a 2-year study, partially funded by the FDA, the number of young people who smoke premium cigars is less than 1 %. Statistically insignificant.

A few years ago, control of the cigar industry was moved to the FDA. Since then, numerous severe restrictions and prohibitions have been levied. Compliance can require hundreds of thousands of dollars per company. The small, handmade cigar industry does not have the monetary strength to endure or challenge the restrictions.

The Tipping Point: The FDA strangling restrictions versus the right to sell a legal, handmade product to consenting adults.

Contact your Senator, Congressman, Tom Price- Secretary of Health & Human Services, & Scott Gottlieb- FDA Commissioner NOW and ask them to look into these restrictions.

Information adapted from Cigar Aficionado.

Correspondence to combat the regulations is strongly encouraged

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