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Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sno-Cones & More. Tips for a Successful Concession Business

Gil's Concession- popcorn, cotton candy, sno-cones

Concession items are terrific in creating a fun & festive Carnival atmosphere for your

Fundraisers, Promotional Events, School Functions, Parties, and Business ventures.

1- Arrive at the event early. Solve any problems with equipment, supplies & personnel before the first customer arrives.

2- Use the right high quality equipment to produce consistent results. Equipment failures and burnt product equals lost sales potential.

3- Locate your booth in a high traffic area. Do your research to find the best events and venues to suit your product offerings.

4- Provide quality products using quality ingredients. Have the right products for the right event. Keep your customers coming back for more.

5- Do not overcharge for your products. If your prices are too high, people will not buy. Concession products are often impulse purchases. Keep your prices the same for all events.

6- Be sure your stand is clean & pleasing to the customer. Appearance is everything. Be sure that your space suits your requirements to cut down on the clutter and facilitate customer service.

7- Hire the right personnel if you can’t man the concession stand yourself. An extra pair of hands is most welcome during peak business times.

8- Make it fast! People do not like to stand in lines. Have Pre-bagged cotton candy and popcorn on-hand & produce more during slower traffic times.

9- Be friendly. Smile & say hello! Your customers will be more likely to return for further purchases.

10- Don’t run out of supplies.

Check out Gil's Wholesale for everything you need to run a successful Concession.

Popcorn - Kernels, Flavored Seasoning & Oils, Popcorn cups, Boxes & Bags

Cotton Candy - Flavored Floss Sugars, Bags, Paper Cones

Sno-Cones - Syrups, Bases, Cups, Cones, Spoons

Caramel & Candy Apples - Sticks, Caramel, EZE Red Candy Coating, Cello bags


Gil's Wholesale Distributors

322 W Oak Lane Glenolden PA 19036


Gil’s Wholesale Distributors is a family owned Pennsylvania based full service distributor with over 40 years of providing personalized service & product expertise for wholesale tobacco, cigars, cigarettes & tobacco related products, ice cream, Italian Ice & Gelato manufacturing supplies, convenience store supplies, paper & plastic items, candy, concession, automotive and janitorial products.

Located 10 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport, our delivery area is PA, NJ, and DE and we ship throughout the U.S. and abroad by common carrier, as well as offer convenient Pick Up services at our customer-friendly showroom.

One Stop Shopping. Free parking. Convenient delivery.

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