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Money Making Monster Milkshakes

Monster milkshakes

Create “Selfie-Worthy” milkshakes to maximize your sales.

1- Coat the top 2-3” of your cold glass in cake frosting or vanilla icing.

2- Roll in your favorite toppings

3- Blend your milkshake and pour into glass. Choose a flavor that will match your theme.

4- Add a scoop of ice cream or a tower or whipped cream and insert additional toppings such as whole cookies, a slice of cake, peanut butter cups, ice cream sandwich, candy or chocolate pretzels.

5- Add a straw or a spoon and watch the eyes of your customers light up with expectation.

Recommended flavors:

Monster Cookie, Peanut Butter Mash up, Birthday Cake Blitz, Cotton Candy Confection, Snack Time Frenzy.

Be sure to charge a Premium Price for these attention-getting shakes!


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Gil’s Wholesale Distributors is a family owned Pennsylvania based full service distributor with over 40 years of providing personalized service & product expertise for wholesale tobacco, cigars, cigarettes & tobacco related products, ice cream, Italian Ice & Gelato manufacturing supplies, convenience store supplies, paper & plastic items, candy, concession, automotive and janitorial products.

Located 10 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport, our delivery area is PA, NJ, and DE and we ship throughout the U.S. and abroad by common carrier, as well as offer convenient Pick Up services at our customer-friendly showroom.

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