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Boost your Business!

Gil's Frozen Dessert Tips for a successful season...

Are you trending Hot or Cold?

Marketing & Menu Tips

1- Amp up your Take-Out novelties. Pre-pack Pints. Add them to Menu Board.

2-  Develop NEW creative time only.

3- Spruce up your store.

4-  Sponsor community events

5-  Upsell to customers. Train your staff to say "Regular Size" (Medium) to convert "Small" customers. $$

Ciao! Get your Italian Ice Here!"

TIP: The higher the temperature outside...the more of a demand for Italian Ice over Ice Cream!

We are THE Italian Ice Experts!

Water Ice, Greek Ice, Slush, Frozen Lemonade...Italian Ice has many names!


Mango, Lemon, Cherry Limeade, Candy Fish, Kiwi-Strawberry-Banana, Shirley Temple, Mudslide, Rocket Pop.

TIP: THE TOP STABILIZER    Sticky or frozen-solid product woes?

Try OLDE CITY Smooth & Creamy

"I Scream, You Scream..."

Ice Cream Soft Serve & Hand Dipped



     Galliker's Ready to Use Ice Cream Mix. Delicious taste, texture and consistency.


     I. Rice Ice Cream Flavor Bases: Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Butter Pecan, Mint, Black Raspberry & more.


     All kinds of Variegates throughout your product:  Crushed Oreo Cookie, PB, Marshmallow, Fruit, Cotton Candy Crunch & more. 


The TOP 10 Favorites...How many do YOU have?

     Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel, Hot Fudge, PB cups or pieces, Sprinkles, Cherries, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry & Gummy Bears.

TIP: Boost your menu with Pre-named Sundaes such as "PB Hot Fudge", "Cookie Dough Bliss" or "Gummy Bear Picnic".


TIP: BE INSTAGRAM FAMOUS! Make money-making MONSTER MILKSHAKES to MAXIMIZE your social MEDIA! Give a catchy name to your creations!

      Don't be afraid of adding pieces of pie, slices of cake, donuts, cotton candy, super lollipops, Ice cream cones, king-size candy bars or cookies as crowning glories to your concoction!


 TIP: Feature Quick & easy To-Go treats near the counter to add multiple sales to that cone or dish.

     Now & Laters, Air Heads, Laffy Taffy, Bags of Gummy Bears or Worms, Sour Patch, Gum or Mints

We appreciate your business at Gil's Wholesale Distributors.

"We pride ourselves on Personalized Customer Service & Product Expertise!"


Gil's Wholesale Distributors

320 W Oak Lane  Glenolden PA 19036


Gil’s Wholesale Distributors/ Gil's Ice Cream Supplies is a family owned Pennsylvania based full service distributor with over 45 years of providing personalized service & product expertise for wholesale tobacco, cigars, cigarettes & tobacco related products, ice cream, Italian Ice, Gelato & frozen dessert manufacturing supplies, convenience store products, paper & plastic items, candy, concession, automotive and janitorial products.

Located 10 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport, our delivery area is PA, NJ, and DE and we ship throughout the U.S. and abroad by common carrier, as well as offer convenient Pick Up services at our customer-friendly showroom. FREE Parking!

One Stop Shopping for all of your business or organization needs.

NO Membership Required!

Thank you for supporting a family-owned business


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